Why us


Vesatours was founded in 1985 when Costa Rica was emerging as a top world travel destination. We have been leading the tourism industry ever since in Costa Rica travel services. Whether you are looking for adventure, a beach holiday, eco​travel, a wellness or yoga retreat, medical tourism, an incentive trip or a meeting place, we offer you the best leading travel destinations, hotels and tours in Costa Rica. We continuously seek out new places to see and things to do to give you the best experiences traveling to Costa Rica on our custom travel programs. We are budget conscious, so we select the right suppliers that give you the best value for your money.


Silvia Salazar



President and owner of Vesatours. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Silvia is currently in charge of the General Management of the company, leading sales and marketing divisions for individual travelers, groups and DMC, her extensive experience in the tour operator and DMC divisions and her high standards has directed the company to successfully lead in the tourism industry. Passionate about animals and nature, Silvia is committed to help the communities where the company operates. She has an incredible knack for bringing out the best of her team.

Daniel Zeceña

Executive Director


Daniel is the most analytic member of our team, he is in charge of the financial department coordination, maximizing efficiencies and ensuring the successful growth of the company. Despite his young age, Daniel is responsible for the financial area, costs, charges and payments, deal with suppliers and takes part of the important decisions of the company. Daniel is Silvia’s old son and as her successor is in training to lead both divisions of the company: tour operator and DMC, he has assumed this role with dedication and commitment, bringing a young renewed air at the company.

Alexandra Chanto

Sales and Reservations Supervisor


Alexandra leads the sales team and is in charge of the design of the travel programs and product for the individual division and groups. Advices and assists clients offering an outstanding customer service dedicated to ensuring their satisfaction. Her charm is contagious with a strong sense of commitment and consistently walks the extra mile.

Nelsie Alfaro

Operations Director


Her incredibly versatile skills, dedication and commitment have remained her stay with the company for over 12 years. Nelsie is in charge of the logistics of the daily operations, coordinates transport, guides and routes of individual travelers, groups and incentives. Also, is the main coordinator of the Sustainability department.


Tourism is the world’s largest and fastest growing industry and one that greatly impacts the environment.

We believe that as a tour operator we have a responsibility to respect and conserve environmental, economic and social-​cultural balances.

Giving Back: How we live sustainability

Vesatours supports a variety of community-​based projects in areas our guests visit.

Our commitment to sustainable traveling in Costa Rica

  • We are proud that Vesatours has achieved the four  level of the Costa Rica Sustainable Tourism Certification.


  • We hand-​pick suppliers that follow the Best Management Practices for Sustainable Tourism (BMPST).


  • We apply sustainability in our daily living with enthusiasm, not only in our work but also at home, by contributing a little bit every day: conserving water and energy, managing waste efficiently, planting a tree, supporting a rural project, sharing a cultural experience with our customers, and helping the communities we visit.


What do we do as an environmentally-​responsible Costa Rica travel agency?

  • Sustainable habits starts at home. Vesatours and Actua Dmc  has implemented Best Management Practices for Sustainable Tourism (BMPST) in our offices.


  • We have identified our positive and negative impacts of our operations, and have implemented mitigation actions.


  • Our Product Department selects suppliers that integrate BMPST in their operations; we provide them with key contacts that can help them achieve their quality and sustainability goals.


  • We promote the Rural-​Based Community Tourism Project.


  • We use local products and services that meet our standards of quality.


  • We  has signed the “Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children and Adolescents from Commercial Sexual Exploitation in Tourism